FillShift has evolved!

From an initial focus on nurse scheduling, we’ve become committed to improving quality and compliance in the Long Term Care industry.  Contact us for the best scheduling tools (we know a couple) – or check out the new software tools we provide to senior care centers.

Prepare ANY Data for Payroll-Based Journal Reporting

  • Make existing staffing data payroll-based journal compliant
  • Map to PBJ codes all your payroll, punch, spreadsheet and vendor provided files
  • Add any vendor XML files and logs

Error check PBJ reports and prepare for PBJ audits

  • Find data that will fail CMS checks
  • Easily visualize data issues and gaps in our exclusive dashboard and analyzer
  • Quickly correct any problems and reclaim hours missed by your software

Submit PBJ directly to CMS and monitor status updates

  • Directly submit PBJ reports to CMS
  • Access your CASPER reports in ezPBJ
  • Get email status updates on your PBJ report acceptance and validation by CMS
  • Prepare for CMS Audits of PBJ

Contact us for a free ezPBJ trial or learn more at

To learn more call us at 585-582-5185, email or visit and

Identify patient risk with Frailty Risk Scoring

Use Patient Pattern‘s real-time clinical assessments to improve pre-admission screening and clinical patient care.

Improve ADL scoring for increased reimbursement

Take the risk out of your MDS’ with accurate ADL scoring. Simple interview questions increase ADL consistency by 70% and reimbursements up to 30%.