Top Takeaways for the Payroll-Based Journal (PBJ) Policy

[The upcoming Payroll-Based Journal policy begins July 1. As nursing homes prepare for the Affordable Care Act’s new rules to electronically submit employee staffing data – including that of contract and agency workers – we wanted to get a feel for the current pulse.

We found a lot less than we expected:

  • The rule-makers have made multiple revisions to date, with CMS releasing version 2.0 of the Data Submission specifications just last week.
  • Nursing homes we’ve talked to aren’t working on it yet, or if they’re participating in the pilot they are struggling with testing and using the CMS technology.
  • We’re just starting to see announcements of PBJ-specific capabilities from payroll, time and attendance and scheduling software providers.

(To be fully transparent, FillShift’s interest in PBJ stems from our belief that our Agency scheduling and verification software can address the new rule for auditable tracking of daily hours worked by outside contract and agency staff.)

With so little information currently published on PBJ, we’ve compiled the best of what we found in our research into a Payroll-Based Journal (PBJ) Resource Guide that has dozens of links and helpful checklists, including:

  • Official Sites
  • Vendor Sites
  • Industry Reviews
  • Top Takeaways

So what’s your take? Are the new PBJ rules fully understood by the industry? Will nursing homes be ready for the mandatory deadline?

CMS Payroll-Based Journal Employee Manual Entry

CMS Payroll-Based Journal Employee Manual Entr