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Do you know the hidden cost of nurse call-offs?

74% of hospitals rely on overtime as their leading strategy for nurse shortfalls and call-offs. When nurses call off, it carries a heavy - and often hidden - cost for hospitals and healthcare providers...

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Top Takeaways for the Payroll-Based Journal (PBJ) Policy

Download a Payroll-Based Journal (PBJ) Resource Guide that has dozens of links and helpful checklists,

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Visibility to Workforce Decisions Drives Millions in Savings for Large Hospital System

Gaining visibility to every day staffing decisions led to a reduction in premium labor costs from $1.5 million to $350,000 per month...

Customer Successes

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Senior Care System Optimizes Staffing

In less than a year, this senior care system re-engineered scheduling...

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Multi-site Health Group Fills 20,000 Shifts

Realizing the scheduling of nurses and support staff continuously increased their administrative overhead costs...

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Health Service Launches Contingent Strategy

This Health Service dramatically expands its casual workforce while reducing administrative effort by 75%...

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Regional Provider Saves $3M in Premium Shift Costs

Since 2007 this regional government health provider dramatically improved its centralized shift filling service...

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Distribution Center Re-engineers Scheduling Strategy

This large grocery chain empowered their staff to pick their own shifts. Every week, 80% of shifts are self-selected by workers...

FillShift News

3103, 2015

New FillShift Interface Released

The Spring 2015 FillShift release features a complete redesign of the user interface...

2802, 2015

FillShift Global Rollout Complete

FillShift has successfully established presences in the U.S., Canada and Europe...