FillShift 101 with Founder Ben Hartz

FillShift is a simple, cost-effective addition to most scheduling systems without long term contracts or licensing investments.

FillShift is a cloud-based SaaS (Software as a Service) solution, which gives customers:

  • Low cost of entry

  • Rapid deployments in days or weeks, not months

  • Minimal IT effort

  • Unique configurations without custom programming

Software Features

View and Close Scheduling Gaps

The staff schedule page allows managers to easily see across the whole organization and pinpoint the staffing shortages – with FillShift automation continuously filling the gaps.

Access on Any Device, Anywhere

You don’t need a computer – if you have smartphone or tablet, then you can fully access the FillShift system. There’s no special app to download, and FillShift’s responsive design works on all mobile devices.

Optimize Your Labor Pool

Target specific groups – such as per diem employees for cost management or union staff for seniority requirements – to fill shifts first.  Then escalate unfilled shifts based on defined parameters like grading, skill base, and work limits.

Improve Accountability

Ensure that internal staff have met regulatory compliance measures, and the use of outside and Agency workers adheres to specified workforce management policies.

Connect with Other Workforce Systems

FillShift includes a suite of industry standard API’s to connect to other workforce management software such as Scheduling, Time & Attendance, Payroll, Data Warehousing and Staffing Agency Allocation systems.

Generate Real-time Reports

Produce detailed, customized workforce reports on all relevant shift and scheduling data –  such as filled and unfilled shift details, cancellation trends and time to fill statistics.

Benefits of Using FillShift

Customer Results

  • Dramatic reduction in time spent by management filling vacant shifts (up to 90%)

  • Reduced overtime (20% on average) and minimized use of Agency staff

  • Improved recruitment and retention rates among staff

  • Increased utilization (30% on average) of internal flex labor (resource teams, float pools, per diem and part-time staff)

  • Auditable data trail of Agency use and contract compliance

Partnership Flexibility

  • No long term contracts or termination fees

  • No annual license or support/maintenance fees

  • Free regular upgrades

  • No capital expenditure

  • Unlimited users

  • Anytime, global access from any Internet connected device

  • Securely managed in a high security, high redundancy hosting facility

How It Works

FillShift uses sophisticated matching logic to pair staff profiles to work requests and deliver the most cost-effective, qualified staff to available open shifts.

  1. Staff access FillShift online and place their work availability.

  2. When staff are needed to fill open shifts, managers log into the system and specify the shift time, location and required skills.

  3. FillShift instantly matches the most qualified, cost-effective staff to the shift and sends out a work request via text and/or email.

  4. Staff who receive a request simply reply via text to accept the offer.

  5. Once accepted, the system sends back a confirmation text with the relevant work details.

  6. Managers are electronically alerted via email and/or text message as open positions are filled – and notified of shifts that remain unfilled.

  7. All interactions are recorded in FillShift, providing detailed workforce reporting in real-time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does FillShift integrate to our other workforce software?

FillShift includes a suite of industry standard API’s to connect to other workforce management software such as Scheduling, Time & Attendance, Payroll, Data Warehousing and Agency Staffing Allocation systems.

I already have a scheduling system – why do I need FillShift too?

How do your managers find and replace staff for unplanned vacancies or fluctuations in demand? FillShift gets managers off the phone and their time back by automating the filling of gaps in your Schedule.

We’re really busy – how hard is FillShift to implement?

Every organization is different, so we spend time with you to customize FillShift to suit your needs – configuring it to your individual workforce and scheduling practices.  Because FillShift is cloud-based, it requires no installation.  Including training of managers and schedulers, FillShift is typically up and running in just a few weeks.

Do we need a capital budget?

Our customers find they easily cover the running costs from reductions of their overtime and agency budgets once FillShift has been implemented, not to mention the improved administrative efficiency. FillShift offers unlimited users, free updates and support, and no long term contracts or commitments.

Will my staff like FillShift?

Staff retention typically improves after FillShift is implemented, because your workers feel more valued. Staff have greater control over their work/life balance, are able to pick the shifts they want, and only get notified about the shifts that fit their schedule.