Meet FillShift’s Leadership

Don Feige
Don FeigeFillShift US, President and CEO
Don founded FillShift US with Kevin and directs day to day strategy and operations as President of FillShift US.
Jenn Moenck Feige
Jenn Moenck FeigeFillShift US, VP Customer Operations
Jenn manages the FillShift US customer team, ensuring customers enjoy effective implementation, training and customer support.
Ben Hartz
Ben HartzFillShift Australia, CEO
Ben started this all at a barbecue in Sydney when he learned how difficult it was for nurses to fill open shifts.
Mike Hartz
Mike HartzFillShift Australia, General Manager
Mike is the go to sales and operations leader for FillShift Australia.
Catherine Stuart
Catherine StuartFillShift Canada, President
Catherine is the founder of FillShift Canada and is based in Toronto, Ontario
Dave Stuart
Dave StuartFillShift Australia, Technical Director
Dave leads the FillShift technical team and ensures we maintain our every 90 day release cycle.
Kevin Pickhardt
Kevin PickhardtFillShift US, Chairman
Kevin is Chairman and co-founder of FillShift US. Kevin has led Rochester-based Pharos Systems as CEO since 2001.

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