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Senior Care System Optimizes Staffing

Reengineers Workforce Scheduling

Since implementing the FillShift platform, in just a few months this large senior/aged care provider has:

  • Already halved agency usage with significant projected savings per year with an internal relief pool encompassing both permanent and casual staff
  • Reduced scheduling administration across busy, local and remote facilities through a centralized small scheduler team, which ensures consistent application of policy and procedure
  • Improved the ability for part-time staff to pick up shifts within and across facilities
  • Provided flexibility and empowered staff to pick up shifts that suit their personal schedules
  • Improved the organization’s ability to manage overtime, report on key operational KPIs, and provide facilities with evidence to support improvement and change


Multi-site Health Group Fills 20,000 Shifts

Saves Millions in Agency Costs

Realizing the scheduling of nurses and support staff continuously increased their administrative overhead costs, this Regional Health Service with six sites implemented FillShift and soon thereafter:

  • Reduced spend on fees with Agency Placement services by $4m per year
  • Reduced staff scheduling administrative headcount from 6 to 2
  • Increased managed workforce by 40% while filling over 20,000 shifts per month


Health Service Launches Contingent Strategy

Dramatically Expands Casual Workforce while Reducing Administrative Effort by 75%

Over 10 years ago – while Mark Zuckerberg was still in college – this Regional Health Service with Four Sites recognized the benefits of the FillShift SAAS solution. The ease and convenience of finding shifts helped them to:

  • Expand their part-time pool from an initial 50 nurses to over 700 currently
  • Simultaneously reduce their scheduling staff from 4 to 1

FillShift staff

Regional Provider Saves $3M in Premium Shift Costs

Fills 50% More Shifts while Reducing Administrative Burden 70%

Since 2007 this regional government health provider dramatically improved its centralized shift filling service. Staffing many facilities across the state, this FillShift customer has put a capital E in Efficiency as they leveraged the FillShift platform to dramatically improve their workforce management:

  • Manage 15,000 shifts monthly
  • Reduced Agency and overtime spend by $3m per year
  • Increased volume of shifts placed by 50%
  • Reduced staff scheduling headcount from 20 to 6
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    Distribution Center Re-engineers Scheduling Strategy

    Empowers Employee Self Scheduling

    Frustrated with the ongoing challenges of administering the can’s and can’ts of their workforce, this large grocery distribution chain empowered their staff to pick their own shifts. Every week, 80% of shifts are self-selected by workers to fit their needs. As a result, this employer realized numerous benefits:

    • Reduced administrative effort by 50%
    • Reduced Agency spend by 30%
    • Substantially increased employee satisfaction


    FillShift Global Rollout Complete

    Completes Initial Round of Expansion

    With the designation of Dave Nortier as Managing Director of FillShift Europe, founder Ben Hartz is pleased to announce that FillShift has successfully established presences in the U.S., Canada and Europe.

    “We are excited to bring our award-winning software to Europe, Canada and the U.S. For over 10 years we’ve become the market leading open shift software in Australia, and we expect FillShift to quickly take hold in these new markets.”

    Previously, Catherine Stuart established FillShift Canada, based in Toronto, and FillShift U.S. was launched by Don Feige and Kevin Pickhardt in New York.

    For more information in your country, contact FillShift.