Gain Visibility and Control of Your Premium Labor Cost

Drive down your overtime and agency costs by strategically filling open shifts in your schedule.

Capture Labor Cost Savings

  • Curb indiscriminate use of overtime
  • Better control agency or outside labor use
  • Lower administrative expenses

Give Back Time to Your Managers and Schedulers

  • End the hours spent by managers phoning replacements
  • Eliminate mass blast texts and emails to communication-weary staff
  • Ease the constant hassle of juggling staff and filling shifts due to scheduling holes

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How FillShift Is Used

The FillShift platform is a highly configurable addition to any scheduling environment.  Customers use FillShift because we are:

  • A highly configurable platform – works in any scheduling environment

  • Responsively designed – anyone can access us anytime on any phone, tablet or computer

  • A cloud-based software – SaaS software requires no installation

  • Integration friendly – with our suite of industry standard APIs we connect with other workforce management software, such as Scheduling, Time & Attendance, Payroll, and Data Warehousing systems

Close the Gaps in a Schedule

Easily added to most scheduling systems to manage call-offs and fill shifts

Dramatically lower scheduling hassles

Get managers off the phone
Stop blasting your workers with requests
Target shifts to preferred staff types

Comply with PBJ Agency Reporting

Automate nursing homes' reporting of Agency and Contractor staffing to CMS

Avoid the reporting burden

Capture all agency and external worker shifts
Download a PBJ compliant XML file
Integrate to your scheduling system

Why Try FillShift?

Administrators Love It

  • Gain visibility and transparency in the management of all variable labor
  • Reduce overtime or agency use by better distributing open shifts
  • Minimize administrative time and effort

Schedulers Love it

  • Automate call downs to find available staff before calling Agencies
  • Stop chasing fill-ins down the hall
  • Target best fit staff for open shifts

Staff Love It

  • Online/Mobile access to their schedule 24/7
  • Ends voicemail tag with schedulers and managers
  • Staff can choose days to fill in for extra shifts

Join the FillShift Family!

We LOVE our users – and they love us! Take a look at some of our customers, and what they are saying about FillShift.

170,000+ Users
300,0000 shifts per month
Thousands of Locations
Fillshift provides great benefits to managers and staff – especially with time saving.
Clare O'Connell, Director of Nursing, Hobart Private Hospital
Have to put it out there – I LOVE Fillshift!
Pamela Giffard, Nurse Unit Manager
We’ve reduced administrative effort by 50%, Agency spend by 30% and substantially increased our employee satisfaction!
Manager, Grocery Distribution Center

Common Questions

Does FillShift integrate to our other workforce software?

FillShift includes a suite of industry standard API’s to connect to other workforce management software such as Scheduling, Time & Attendance, Payroll, Data Warehousing and Agency Staffing Allocation systems.

I already have a scheduling system – why do I need FillShift too?

How do your managers find and replace staff for unplanned vacancies or fluctuations in demand? FillShift gets managers off the phone and their time back by automating the filling of gaps in your Schedule.

We’re really busy – how hard is FillShift to implement?

Every organization is different, so we spend time with you to customize FillShift to suit your needs – configuring it to your individual workforce and scheduling practices. Because FillShift is cloud-based, it requires no installation. Including training of managers and schedulers, FillShift is typically up and running in just a few weeks.

Do we need a capital budget?

Our customers find they easily cover the running costs from reductions of their overtime and agency budgets once FillShift has been implemented, not to mention the improved administrative efficiency. FillShift offers unlimited users, free updates and support, and no long term contracts or commitments.

Will my staff like FillShift?

Staff retention typically improves after FillShift is implemented, because your workers feel more valued. Staff have greater control over their work/life balance, are able to pick the shifts they want, and only get notified about the shifts that fit their schedule.